Network Communications News (NCN) August 2016 - Page 32

S P E C I A L F E AT U R E intelligent buildings Phone comforts With the advent of home automation and the rapid rise in the adoption of smartphones and tablets, it is no longer possible to provide just a stand alone solution. Customers desire integration. RhinoCo Technology’s VIP Vision IP Intercoms deliver exactly this. Through the benefits of IP technology you can always be connected to base with your smartphone. The VIP Vision IP Intercoms allow you to remote unlock, remote view and take image snapshots from your intercom camera via your smartphone and App. Remote unlock access to those you recognise and take snapshots of those you don’t whilst giving the appearance that the premises is occupied, no matter where you are. As the systems are IP based, they can be integrated into existing PC or surveillance networks. Value add with RhinoCo Technology’s VIP Vision IP CCTV surveillance systems and view your CCTV cameras on your IP intercom monitor, just like you would with the door station camera, essentially turning each monitor into a surveillance station. The VIP Vision intercoms are easy to install and are expandable to accommodate larger premises. Use up to six indoor monitors and six door stations and for apartment door stations, connect up to 255 monitors, all of which can utilise Power over Ethernet. For further information visit: 32-33