Network Communications News (NCN) August 2016 - Page 20

PROJECT FOCUS Edwardian Hotels London with Edwardian Hotels London’s design team from an aesthetic point of view. Recording The images captured by the IP network cameras are being recorded on SRN-1673S 16 camera channel NVRs which are equipped with a built-in PoE+ switch. The SRN-1673S was an attractive option for Mohamed Elsebahy and Nick Kalsi as it offers the opportunity to significantly reduce installation costs by negating the need for the provision of separate power supplies and switches. PoE+ functionality means that the SRN-1673S provides sufficient power for any ONVIF compliant PoE+ camera, including speed domes and domes with heaters. Remote access The Wisenet cameras have the ability to generate high quality images even when the Lux levels are low. maximum ROI from their investment in video surveillance systems. The R&D facility has given us the opportunity to evaluate the price/performance ratio of the latest generation of high definition Wisenet cameras from Hanwha Techwin Europe, alongside cameras manufactured by some of their competitors. Our evaluation criteria was not though just about the features and functions of the cameras and recorders. It was important to also take into accou H[وۙ\\[[XX[]K\[Y\[B][وXX[\ܝݚYYBHX[YX\\\H[[\ܝ[Xܜ]H[ۜY\][ۋ&B\H\H\[X][H K L [Y\\\[H[[YY]HY\X[[ۙۈ\]K\[]][ۜ•H][X][ۜ\[Y[[[YY[XZH[X[H\X\[]^H[XY]HHؚX]Bو\\[]Y[HܘYKYY[][ۈ[XY\ [[][ۜY]H\[\[]\YHY\[\\و\[]T]ܚ\Y YY\^[[[Y\\ˈ\H\HH\[]RRBӕM [[\\[YK\[]]Hӑ S LԈTYH[\[]]HӓS  ԈX]\ق]ܚT[][Y\KX\™\]Z\Y]H\Y[[˂&HY[ۙ][ۜ[XX˜\X\وH[X\H\˜[X\[ۈ[\HۜY\XB\[[ۈH[YHو^K8&H^Z[“X[K8&H\[][Y\\&HX[]B[\]HY]X[]H[XY\][[H^][\H[[B\HووH[[]]BZ[ Z[TQ[[Z[][ۈ][[[\ۙ\XZ\[HYX[܈X[BY\[\\و[\ۛY[][H[˸&B\H\H\[X][H K L [Y\\\[H[[YY]HY\X[[ۙۈ\]KHXZܚ]Hو\H\H\[\][ۈ[Y\\X\HZ[œ\XY]ӕM ӑ S LԂ[ӓS  Ԉ[[\[[\[\\X\وH[\B\ܘYY H\Xӑ S LԂYH\ݚ[\X[\H[\X[H\ݙ\YZ[Hܘ[[YBX[YH]YܞH X[š[[Y][H[[ܙ\˜XY]HX^[][HY[YH܈BYY[][ۈT[Y\\ˈ8&ZYܘ][[T]ܚ\Y\[H[[[[YY[XZH[\]]ܚ\YXYY\HXBX\]H܈XܙY[XY\˜\\YH[HوH[Y\\B[H][ۈۈH]ܚ8&HYX˂&Y^H\^H[]HBX[]H[[[HY]X]]HۂZ\X\ۙ\܈X]XHBTT[ؚ[H\ H]\]H]HY[XH۝[YH\HX\Y]\Y[X[Y[Y[ٝ\HX\۝B\]ܜ\H[Z[X\][[X\H\K]\HYۚYX[[Y]]X\Y]\\ܝ\\[\][ۈ[Y\\\[\H]•\[][[˸&BX\¸&\X\[ۈ۝[YHܚ[B]H[HX[YX\\\X[B[Y]X[YHXZ][^\ ؚX]HYXHۈHܜX[Y\B[[܈]\H][ۋ8&HۘY\“[[YY[XZK8&H[ܝHBYZ[\\YXHH[BX[]\HۈH[\ZHY[YHوH[]ܛBXHZ[[\[]RRH[Y\\˂][X\]H\\YHB[H[[\[[ۈB\[]RRH[Y\H[ ܈^[\KݚYH[XXH[ܛX][ۈۈ[[X[H[H]H[\YB\\X\و\[˸&B LHڙX\˚[   ̌ M M