Nerrad Tools Brochure - Page 74

darren chalkly - managing director Made by plumbers, for plumbers.” Having been a plumber for the past 25 years, I’m only too familiar with the daily challenges faced by us industry professionals. One minute you’re lying under a bath changing a set of Victorian bath mixers, the next you’re having to contort your hands trying to replace a faulty diverter valve on a boiler that Darren Chalkly, MD of Nerrad Tools probably should have been condemned 20 years ago. Out in the field no two tasks are ever the same, however it was this aspect of the job that appealed to me. I don’t think many customers realise how diverse we all have to be. Nowadays my white van is parked up for good and I’ve moved into the office, but this has not curbed my enthusiasm for the industry which is as strong as ever. Nerrad Tools was born out of a resolve to make the industry a better place to work in. It has been good to me and now it’s my mission to try and give something back. Me and my hand-picked team (some of whom are industry professionals) set about creating the UK’s premier plumbing tool brand some 5 years ago and so far it’s been an exciting journey. There is already a vast array of plumbing tools on the market, but we felt there was room for further improvement and innovation. We analysed your feedback and requirements and identified areas that could be re-developed. For example, we’ve aimed to build in an ergonomic, ‘easier to use’ functionality, requiring much less human force to operate, the result is reduced wear and tear for the product and the plumber alike. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of plumbing products that are constructed to the highest standards, making everyday plumbing tasks easier to carry out, so that ultimately you (the engineer) can be more productive. Darren Chalkly, MD of Nerrad Tools