Nerrad Tools Brochure - Page 62

pow-r patch repair kit 15 MINUTE REPAIR KIT NTPP88 NTPP46 Pow-R Patch Pow-R Patch Size: 8”x 8” Size: 4”x 6”  Cures hard in 15 minutes  Sets under water HOW TO USE: MAD E the U IN SA 1. Remove all pressure from the break and lightly key the surface. 2. Put on the enclosed gloves. 3. Remove the (black / yellow) plastic divider separating the 2 parts of the package. Mix both parts together for 1-2 minutes or until colour is uniform. 4. Cut the package and apply the Pow-R Patch. 5. Allow 15 minutes for complete curing. comes Package t : a catalys in 2 parts atch with and the p resin