Nerrad Tools Brochure - Page 45

firejet blow torch What can we say about our new FIREJET Blowtorch other than... WOW! We’ve improved upon a classic design to include some all important features and enhance it’s usability... W T R HE M A L CONDUC TI V IT Y LO First of all, we’ve added a nozzle that can be stripped down to give instant access to the diffuser. Should you be unfortunate enough to drip solder or flux onto it, there’s almost no down time as it can removed, cleaned and re-assembled. However, should the diffuser be uncleanable then a new one can be purchased separately. Always handle with care and follow safety instructions Secondly, no matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents do happen! The common one is to finish soldering, extinguish the flame and put the gas/ torch back on the carpet…only to turn round and knock it over! No matter how quickly you realise and stand the bottle back up, it’s too late and you’ve charred the customers carpet. Therefore, we’ve engineered our nozzles to not get too hot, thus avoiding this potentially unpleasant and costly mistake. Finally let’s talk gas bottle connections. Of course our torches will fit the industry standard CGA600 bottles but we’ve gone one step further. To accomodate environmentally friendly refillable bottles, our Blow Torch works with refillable cylinders. We could have simply offered an adaptor but come on guys...would you adapt a gas valve from ۙHXZ