Nerrad Tools Brochure - Page 16

adjustable copper / inox / aluminium / plas NT4276 Adjustable Copper/ Inox/ Aluminium/ Plastic/ Multilayer Tube Cutter S BE TU S Spare wheel code: NT6005-1 Spare wheel code: PLA S/ M BES S/ R TU INOX COP P E 6-76mm NT6005-3 UL TU B E S Spare wheel code: NT6017-1 Our largest sized Tube Cutter comes complete with a built in ‘Noga’ reamer. Its huge cutting width of 76mm and its four hardened steel rollers make it the preferred choice of commercial engineers. The rapid adjustment feature makes it a breeze to alter the diameter setting. Comes complete with a spare wheel in the handle. ” 5 Year Guarantee - Conditions apply