NEPCON Vietnam 2019 Newsletter #1 NEPCON_Vietnam_Newsletter1 - Page 8

Vietnam’s Only Exhibition on SMT, Testing Technologies, Equipment and Supporting Industries for Electronics Manufacturing – 12 th Edition MÁY KIỂM TRA CHỨC NĂNG PCB (FCT TESTER) NEV19110001 • Kiểm tra các chức năng hoạt động của PCB • Thiết kế theo yêu cầu khách hàng • Thiết kế và lắp ráp tại Việt Nam • Dịch vụ bảo hành và hậu mãi tại Việt Nam NEV19110003 Brand : BSE(Bosung Eng Co., Ltd) Model : ENC-12SN/24SN 8 ASTI RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT VIETNAM CORPORATION SMT NOZZLE FOR STANDARD & CUSTOMIZED TYPE NEV19110004 Brand : BSE (Bosung Eng Co., Ltd) Country of Origin*: South of Korea • The equipment to maintain the SMT nozzle • Perfectly cleaning ability • ECO equipment with only using the water • SMT Vacuum Nozzle • GRIPER (Chuck) Nozzle • SMT Dispenser Nozzle • Customized Nozzle BOSUNG ENG CO., LTD. BOSUNG ENG CO., LTD. NEV19110005 SMT ROLL (WIPER) PAPER CLEANER (RECYCLING MACHINE) DATAMAN® 470 SERIES BARCODE READERS Brand : BSE (Bosung Eng Co., Ltd) Model : SC-ER610FA Brand : Cognex Model : Dataman 470 • Recycling the Roll paper • Recycling the Wiper paper • Fast, powerful performance solves challenging applications. • New imaging technology for advanced image formation (HDR & HDR+). • 99.9% read rates for optimal throughput and traceability. • Modular options provide maximum flexibility. BOSUNG ENG CO., LTD. COGNEX VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED DATAMAN® 8072 SERIES VERIFIER NEV19110002 • Sử dụng Camera công nghiệp • Phát hiện Fuse sai vị trí, sai giá trị • Thiết kế theo yêu cầu khách hàng • Dịch vụ bảo hành và hậu mãi tại Việt Nam ASTI RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT VIETNAM CORPORATION SMT NOZZLE CLEANER MÁY KIỂM TRA NGOẠI QUAN FUSEBOX TRONG XE HƠI (FUSEBOX TESTER) NEV19110007 IN-SIGHT® 7000 SERIES VISION SYSTEM Brand : Cognex Model : Dataman 8072V Brand : Cognex Model : In-Sight 7000 • High-performance direct part mark (DPM) code quality verifier. • Fast, accurate algorithms provide reliable and repeatable results. • Compact design and rugged housing for greater mobility. • Multiple options for verifying codes on every surface. • Enhanced performance keeps pace with increasing line speeds. • Flexible design is field customizable to your application. • Full-featured system to tackle a wide range of vision applications. • Integrates easily into your system infrastructure. COGNEX VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED COGNEX VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED NEV19110006 NEV19110008