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Vietnam’s Only Exhibition on SMT, Testing Technologies, Equipment and Supporting Industries for Electronics Manufacturing – 12 th Edition TECNICLEAN NEV19120018 Brand : Audiotechnica Model : TCT-640 • The ferrite cores which are built into various electronic circuits such as transformers and coils, which also can be used in a high frequency range and very useful in the miniaturizing of electronic equipment and energy conservation. HIBEX SINGAPORE PTE LTD INFANTRON (S) PTE LTD. NEV19120020 Brand : Micrometals • The iron powder cores are used for DC chokes, differential mode input chokes, power factor correction induction, continuous mode fly back inductors, light dimmer chokes and other EMI/RFI application. INFANTRON (S) PTE LTD. COMPACT TABLE-TOP UNIVERSAL TESTER 16 JOVIL UNIVERSAL WINDING MACHINE NEV19120021 Brand : Jovil Universal Model : SMC-1E,SMC-2E, ATW-1,ATW-2,PTW-1 • Our Precision Toroidal Winding Machine are used to make, coils of energy meter current transformers and toroidal coils are essential components for devices like current transformers , potential transformers, power transformers, inductor etc . INFANTRON (S) PTE LTD. NEV19120022 SMX-800 MICRO-FOCUS X-RAY INSPECTION SYSTEM Brand : Shimadzu Model : EZ Test Brand : Shimadzu Model : SMX-800 • High Precision and Reliability • User Friendly • Light Weight and Compact • Wide Range of Test Jig available • Real-Time Detection • User Friendly • Productive Inspection • High Reliability LMS TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD. LMS TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD. PHOTOMOS RELAY NEV19120019 Brand : Tomita Electric • Techniclean are the most suitable in various manufacturing: electronics part, screen printing, coating, bonding, exposure • Techniclean are special adhesive rubber roller to effectively remove dust, material particles, static electricity • These advanced cleaners are capable of completely removing particles larger than approximately 5 microns • The high adhesive power of cleaning rollers can be maintained by cleaning regularly IRON POWDER CORE FERRITE CORE NEV19120024 REED RELAY Brand : Toward Model : AA28 Brand : Toward Model : BU-1C05 • Available in DIP and SMD configurations • Off-State leakage current – 1.0µA • Output Capacitance – 690pF • On-Resistance – 0.02 Ω - Available in SMD and J Lead configurations - High insulation resistance - (10)^12 Ω minimum - Coaxial shield for 50 Ω impedance - External magnetic shield P & E INNOVATION PTE LTD. P & E INNOVATION PTE LTD. NEV19120023 NEV19120025