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11-13 WED - FRI Manufacturing Integration SOLDERING UNIT SEP 2019 NEV19110041 Brand : APOLLO SEIKO Model : LUNA I.C.E. Hanoi (Cung Van Hoa) 91 Tran Hung Dao Street Hanoi, Vietnam NEV19110042 TRIDENT SERIES Brand : VAL Model : VL-T-AB-1 SERIES, VL-T-ADB-1 SERIES, VL-T-ADS-1 SERIES • Zero Solder Ball Capabilities. • Iron Cartridge Replacement. • Can be widely adapted for use in semi & fully automated systems. • Soldering profiles can be customized to meet typical soldering application requirements. VAN DAT TRADING AND TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY VL-CD SERIES (CUBE DOME) 09.00-17.00 hrs. NEV19110043 Brand : VAL Model : VL-CD2020W Trident Series has 3 built in function which will be controlled by external electricity input. It’s different concept from other general VAL models which requires additional controller to control brightness, overdrive etc. Trident series will be connected directly to your system. • Suitable for various applications • Built-in over drive function (Duration max.20mS, duty cycle 10%) • Built-in brightness control function. VS TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) CO., LTD. NEV19110044 VS-H-IRC/11 SERIES (IR- CORRECTED FFL LENS FOR 1.1’’ 12MP 3.45µM AND 4K RESOLUTION) Brand : VS Technology Model : VS-H-IRC/11 SERIES VS TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) CO., LTD. VS TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) CO., LTD. COPPER CLAD LAMINATE VS-H-IRC/11 Series is designed for 4K resolution and IR-Corrected to minimize focus shift from visible to NIR. This series is suitable for many applications such as food sorting, ITS and ANPR (Day and night), electronic component and any application where IR-Corrected. • 4K resolution • IR-Corrected, minimize focus shift from visible to NIR NEV19110045 PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD Brand : Nanya Model : FR4, FR1, CEM1, CEM3 Brand : Sunching Model : S/S; D/S; Multi layer • It is main material to produce printed circuit board • Marterial for produce Ear phone, electricity meter, led light, motor and other electronic devices XUYEN CO CO., LTD. XUYEN CO CO., LTD. SOLDER SOLUTION Brand : Dyfenco Model : Solder bar; Solder wire; Solder paste; No lean Flux NEV19110047 CLEANROOM FACE MASKS NEV19110046 • Saving space compared with general dome light • Multi OCR applications such as OCR code on PCB, packaging, printing NEV19110048 Brand : RS Face Mask Model : RSFM Series • Solder support fluid in electric component solder teachnology. • All of lead-free product meet to RoHS/ WEEE and those brand company (buyer’s) demands for green products. • Developed with silicon free material for cleanroom usage • Made of breathable fabric with efficient filtration • 3 ply, available in headloop, earloop & tie on types. • Option of white elastic band or blue PU band XUYEN CO CO., LTD. RIVERSTONE RESOURCES SDN. BHD. n e w s l e t t e r # 1 13