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Vietnam’s Only Exhibition on SMT, Testing Technologies, Equipment and Supporting Industries for Electronics Manufacturing – 12 th Edition ENGINEERING PLASTICS NEV19110033 Brand : Rochling, Ensinger, Quadrant Model : Engineering Plastics Brand : Hitachi Model : UX Series • NYLON / CASTNYLON / POM / PE / PTFE / PVC / ACRYLIC / PP / PC / PET / and BAKELITE • Easy and quick replacement of ink and makeup cartridges without staining your hands. A new error prevention feature (alarm) is provided using IC tags for ink and makeup replacement. Simplified checking makes the replacement more effective. *Some geographic areas are excluded. • Convenient Icons on the screen indicate the ink and makeup amount of residue. They also indicate the proper time for cartridge replacement, which further improves usability. THAI POLYMER SUPPLY CO., LTD. THAI POLYMER SUPPLY CO., LTD. PE FOAM / POLYETHYLENE FOAM NEV19110035 EXCIMER AND XENON FLASH LAMP • Durawood / Aicellwood are extrusion molded products that are double-foamed in the shape of board or a square log. The Main material used is Polyethylene (PE). Foam Sheet with closed cells are used in various areas of the logistics industry and it’s market base is constantly expanding now used in the following areas (returnable containers, partition boards, backing plates, sole plates etc) Brand : Unilam THAI POLYMER SUPPLY CO., LTD. UNILAM CO., LTD. HIGH/MEDIUM PRESSURE LAMP NEV19110037 SUPER HIGH PRESSURE SHORT ARC LAMP Brand : Unilam Model : SHMA Series • Light source for curing of Vehicle headlights • UV automation system (Light source of UV Curing system) • Light source for UV Printing, Coating and drying • Light source for LCD manufacturing process (Edge exposure, seal curing etc.) • Light source for exposure for wafer, LCD, PCB, UV Adhesive, Inspection etc. • Light source for projector, solar module, search light, etc. • Used as the light source for inspection and analysis device • Light source for spot curing (Smart Phone component assembly, Medical device etc. UNILAM CO., LTD. UNILAM CO., LTD. NEV19110039 Brand : APOLLO SEIKO Model : J-CAT NEO • Ensure proper tip & PCB alignment with ease. These features guarantee accurate tip positioning and the highest quality soldering results. • Designed for either an in-line or lean manufacturing process. • Built-in Montior + Variety of Supported Devices. • The L-CAT NEO-N has a very flexible solder sequence that can be customized to meet the needs of your specific application. VAN DAT TRADING AND TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY NEV19110034 NEV19110036 • Xenon Flash lamp provides a high- intensity UV flash (pulse) Light. It is used for solar simulator light source, Photo sintering for semiconductor and Solar annealing etc. • Excimer lamp has only one emission UV peak (172nm, 222nm,254nm, 308nm). It is used for optical surface cleaning and Di-ionized water process etc. Brand : Unilam Model : Mercury, Metal 3RD GENERATION GANTRY-STYLE SOLDER ROBOT 12 INKJET PRINTER DESKTOP SOLDERING ROBOT NEV19110038 NEV19110040 Brand : APOLLO SEIKO Model : J-CAT COMET • 500 Soldering Conditions. • High Speed Soldering and teaching easily. • High Accuracy of Solder Feeding. • Excellent Temperature Control and Auto Tuning. VAN DAT TRADING AND TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY