NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 - Page 9

Aerator with flow regulator (PCA® Aerator) Environmental protection Customer satisfaction flow There are basically two possible ways to control the flow. One is to restrict it by defining the size of the orifice in such a way as to permit a predetermined flow rate at a specific pressure (e.g. 3 bar). Neoperl refers to these products as “flow restrictors”. While flow restrictors allow little water to pass at low pressure, the flow rate is often higher than necessary at high pressure. l / min | gpm Pressure Compensating Aerator psi | bar pressure PCA® Restricted Aerator with integrated flow regulator Under normal conditions, the water flow through an aerator increases as the pressure rises. However, it may be necessary to achieve a virtually constant flow rate, regardless of pressure fluctuations, in situations where the flow rate is subject to certain requirements, e.g. – compliance with standards in specific markets – saving water – r VwVFVBF7G&'WFbvFW"F22vW&RFR4*FV6w6W2FG2v4*W&F'2&RV6W"B&R6fVVBFW6RFfp&W7G&7F'2Br&W77W&RB6fRvFW"Bv&W77W&RFRW6W"22V6vFW"2RVVG27W7FW 6F6f7F'WBW6W2&RF2V6W76'Vf&VF&FV7FࠤrFR4*FV6wv&00Fp W0&P6r"&R0& 7P&PPࠦ F0G֖27FFRfr262vFW"fw2F&VvFPfr&VwVF"FR&r&V6W2F7F'FVBB2&W76V@FFRv2&WGvVVFRFVWFbFR6&RF2&VGV6W0FR6RbFRVrf"FRvFW"6F"FPFVf&FbFR&r7&V6W22FR&W77W&R&6W06F2vVFR&W77W&RFV7&V6W2FR&pw&GVǒ&WGW&2FG2&v6R7&V6rFR6PbFRVrf"FRvFW"v&WGW&rF6F BFVF6Fࠥ"7P&7FF27FFRfr"r&W77W&RFR&V666G&&r2&VVB6FࠦР&P72R&R2""2@ࠤW&F'2