NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 - Page 48

SOFTPEX® connecting hoses BOOSTCRIMP® technology – integrated innovation The BOOSTCRIMP® technology enables the optimisation of the hose to increase flexibility while keeping the flow rate requirement level. At the same time, boostcrimping is a quality hallmark for a safely crimped hose. Available in DN6 and DN8. Choice of braiding Available with 7FW727FVV"ǖ֖FR'&FrBFǒvF6W"7G&W0W6VVB6V֖6&W67F6P6gGWƖW#7G&r&W67F6Rv7BFFFfW2G&涖rvFW"7V626&֖W0B6&FW0C6V7Fr6W0