NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 - Page 38

Check valves – construction and function The nominal diameter of the pipeline system is the determining factor when choosing a check valve cartridge. The aim is to reduce the pressure loss through the check valve cartridge to a minimum (EN 13959). The pressure lost through a NEOPERL® check valve cartridge is very low. Open cage constructions have lower pressure loss than closed body constructions. The valves are available with different springs varying in stiffness in order to comply with international standards. Housing External seal 3 Closing system – Spring – Plunger & seal – Gui F6P 0  W&Fr&6P7FF27FFRfrFR6V6ffR266VBFR7&r&W76W2FR6RFG26VBBVW2FRffR66VBࠤG֖27FFR*frFR&W77W&RbFRvFW"2vW"FFR7&r&W77W&RFR6R2W6VBWBbG26VBBw2FRvFW F72ࠤ&6frfrFR6FRF&V7F␤bFRF&V7Fbfr6vW22&W7VBb7&V6R&W77W&RFv7G&VbFRffR&6fr"&VGV7Fখ&W77W&RW7G&VbFRffR&66vRFP7&rw2FR6RF6&6FG2&v6F66rFRWB6FRbFRffRF&WfVBvFW"fvp&6ࠣ36V6ffW00