NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 - Page 17

Aerators For housings CASCADE® SLC Aerator CASCADE® Aerator PERLATOR® HONEYCOMB® Aerator SLC SSR AC AC TJ STD JR TF AC TT TJ STD JR TF STD TF Ultimate lime resistance is a convincing argument in favour of the CASCADE® aerator with SLC (Smart Lime Cleaning) feature. You can simply rub the deposits away with your finger without having to remove the aerator. Functional capability and longevity are optimised. The standard version offers an aerated stream and a laminar stream is available as an option. The CASCADE aerator offers excellent lime resistance and therefore prolongs the aerator's service life significantly. Even under difficult flow conditions, the CASCADE® aerator impresses with a perfectly aerated stream quality. It is available in a wide range of flow rates. The HONEYCOMB® structure enables excellent lime resistance. Even under difficult flow conditions, this aerator impresses with a perfectly aerated stream quality. The PERLATOR® HONEYCOMB® aerator is available in all flow rates and sizes. You can choose between an aerated and a laminar stream. PERLATOR® LongLife Aerator NEOPERL® Push Aerator PERLATOR® HC Flow Thru Aerator STD ® STD STD TF The PERLATOR® LongLife aerator is equipped with a stainless steel wire mesh screen, which captures coarse particles. It is one of the classical NEOPERL® aerators and produces a soft, non-splashing stream of water. The NEOPERL® Push aerator is an innovative product that cuts water consumption by up to 50%. The flow rate can be switched between two different values at the push of a button – even when the faucet is op VࠥF2W&F"6W'BvFGv7G&VF06&RW6VBf"GVW'6RfV6WG2FPWFW"7G&VFFVƗfW'2W&FVBFvFW"F&VvFRFWVF&RU$D,*ऄ2W&F"'BvRFRW"7G&VF( 2F&R6V7FVB6W&FVǒ6&RW6V@f"fFW&VB"6&&FVBvFW""6֖"FRW&F"2f&RvF"vFWBW vFW"6fr4*FV6wࠤW&F'2p