NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 - Page 13

WATERCOLOURS® Concept All NEOPERL® aerators are colour-coded (WATERCOLOURS® concept) and can thus easily be identified in terms of flow rate and stream pattern (aerated or laminar). This simplifies the faucet production process as well as the procurement of spare parts. The colour-coding system is shown in the illustrations below using a classic insert as an example. 1 dome screen 3 all models Colour of the lower part of the insert identifies stream pattern (aerated or laminar) 1 models with restrictor 1 models with restrictor Colour of the dome screen identifies flow rate (*) according to EN246 2 flow regulator 4 low-pressure models (LP) Colour of the dome screen in combination with the ring colour identifies LP models 3 all models 2 PCA® models 2 PCA® models Colour of the flow regulator identifies flow rate; flow regulator visible through transparent dome screen. 3 all models Colour of the lower part of the insert identifies stream pattern (aerated or laminar) light green light blue yellow dark blue dark grey light grey orange grey ivory green brown olive red beige black pink lilac white brown lime green dark grey light grey beige dark blue pink orange green black light blue light green lilac yellow white flow class Z* A* S* B* C* D* G* M* T* X* * lam. max. 7.5–9.0 l / min a t 3 bar 13.5–15.0 l / min at 3 bar 18.0–19.8 l / min at 3 bar 22.8–25.2 l / min at 3 bar 27.0–30.0 l / min at 3 bar 34.8–37.8 l / min at 3 bar 60.0–70.0 l / min at 1 bar 60.0–70.0 l (֖B2& wBc6RwBc6sRwBc6"wBc6""wBc62wBc62RwBc6BwBc6BRwBc6֖"7G&Vr&W7G&7F 6W&VGV6V@9p9p9p9p9p9p9p9p9p9pfr&FP3RwBc6RwBc6"((֖"R((֖2((֖wBc6"wBc6R((֖RwBc6b((֖sRwBc6r((֖"wBc6""wBc6((֖ࠣ2vW"'@b6W'@F&w&Ww&W7G&VЧGFW&W&FV@֖ BFR67&VVࠧ&pw&VV&VPfr&FPƖvBw&WvFPfr670`fr5DB6R6W'G0V7W&VBB"&""R(((֖R"(((֖ࠤW&F'20