NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 89

and hexagonal phases , honoring our sacred geometric Cosmos . These molecules recently received attention in alternative medicine , as liposomal vitamin C in certain cases has been proven more efficient even than intravenous infusions of vitamin C , thus providing potential cures for cancers , infections , and diseases of all sorts .
Temperature is a defining factor that causes water to manifest in different states and with different characteristics . The present images result from a 5-year long investigation into the sedimentation processes of crystallizing water-based liquids . The main forces at work throughout this process are randomization , crystallization , sedimentation , gravity , chemical reaction and absorption .
Micro- and macro-photography reveals an entire dimension of shapes and patterns that give an impression of the hidden formative processes and dynamics that take place during the change of state . The combinations of varying influences express themselves through the liquid element in a great diversity of natural forms that might also be conceived of as a calligraphy or “ cryography ” ( cold-writing or recording ). We may bear witness to the occurrence of organic shapes intertwined with crystal and mineral patterns , just like organic and inorganic compounds do within living organisms . Fractal forms arise due to the factor of randomization at play during a pattern ' s development . Branching patterns result from the interaction of random and defining forces . Whatever the creative influences involved may be , self-organization and diversity seem to be their basic tenets .
What are “ cryographies ” telling us ? Do they provide further proof of Nature ' s passion for aesthetic creations ? It is a well-known and frequently observed principle of Nature that single operations consolidate to form more complex structures in an unpredictable and playful way . The combination of various factors under the proper conditions supports diversity and elevates it to the level of a necessity . Living landscapes are not the result of a struggle , but an elegant outcome of the varieties of that which is possible . The infinite crystal forms of snowflakes , particularly the higher order and more fully developed ice-flowers and ice-leaves , that consolidate from lower order crystal-individuals often exhibit very elaborate bent lines and planes that are virtually absent within the crystal world , the only exception being carbon , which is another fundamental ingredient of all living organisms . Life , which is all about movement , emerges from a sphere governed by the round and dynamic ( compare a rolling die with marbles , for instance ).