NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 88

of distinguished physical elements and dynamics, providing the archetypes of all those flow-forms whereby organic substances may settle their more complex biological physiologies. These movements and their resulting forms constitute a higher level that consequently governs all organically differentiated manifestations. Thus, water phenomena may be conceived of and may be understood to function as a language of life in which all formative processes express their essence and soul. These qualities provide the space on which and the guidelines by which life may creatively improvise in a self-organizing manner. the notion that the liquid crystalline phase of water is intimately connected with the generation of life. Building the bridge between the mineral and organic world, liquid crystals are yet another interesting phenomena. Their capacity to switch between the liquid and solid crystal state so effortlessly is such that they constitute a special phase of matter. Their repeating pattern and alignment provides an efficient pathway for a smooth flow of energetic information, enabling them to transmit signals in the same way that solid crystals do. Furthermore, they are flexible, many times more responsive than solid crystals, and are indispensable building materials that are intimately involved with the production processes of proteins, enzymes, cell membranes, and DNA. H2O is uniquely related to sacred geometry, in that it has a tetrahedral atomic structure, but more particularly because the most stable structure of liquid water is a crystalline geometry resembling a star tetrahedron. Although the molecules remain mobile, they move together, like a school of fish swimming in the sea. This is known as structured water, also referred to as “EZ” (“exclusion zone”) water, organized water, hexagonal water, 4th phase water, or liquidcrystalline water. There is now an ample and consistent body of evidence to support Lyotropic liquid-crystalline phases are abundant in living systems; they are a shining example of self-assembled organic structures, having a great degree of freedom of concentration that enables them to assume a variety of different phases. As it could not otherwise be expected, these biological liquid crystals express themselves in cubic