NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 85

sensing organ of the water , in that it amplifies its capability to receive and to store cosmic energies .
The laws that govern water ’ s principal characteristics may not be many , but because they appear in a wide variety of combinations , and because circumstances differ from scenario to scenario , their intermingling results in the creation of a myriad of infinite forms , shapes , and patterns , which seem to playfully manifest wherever we direct our attention in the living world . If for a moment we forget about the artistic monopoly of man , we would easily come to the conclusion that the greatest art works are those of Nature , all of which express an inherent capability to feel as an absolute precondition . Such detailed perfection , with its endless array of graceful creations , is difficult to match at present . From this perspective , we ourselves become living art works comprised of liquid crystals , manifesting through a set of fluid dynamics and processing significant amounts of information within our most watery organ and at the optimum temperature to do so .
Nature ’ s Languages
Natural Laws of course warrant natural languages as a means of their composition . In recent years , for instance , Nature has called to us through the study of Biomimicry , encouraging us to familiarize ourselves with Her laws , with Her working principles , in order to implement them and thereby to live in harmony with our blue planet . Meanwhile , a growing community of individuals studies Biosemiotics , a blossoming