NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 84

Everything Feels
Slowly but steadily , we are awakening to the reality that plants , fungi and entire forests possess unique sensing capabilities that afford them the capacity to collect information about their surrounding environment . This helps us to open our minds to a reality in which everything feels . Water , as the archetype of all liquids and widely recognized as being the element of life , is one of the most creative forces in nature , a “ carrier of information ” and much more — But can it feel ? Might the rains actually be giant sensing organs , palpating entire landscapes in order to take vital information back with them into our homeopathic skies ?
Water is highly responsive and sensitive to all kinds of influences . It engages in breathtaking processes of structural formation , not only in relation to living organic matter but also in its purest unadulterated form alone . Regarding its interaction with forces such as gravity , suction , welling , and resistance , water tends to even out any imbalances and to establish equilibrium by means of the use of a variety of dynamic movements and shapes , the harmony and beauty of which often evoke a sense of wonder .
Whirls , winding meanders , vortexes , and widely unraveling surfaces that bend into themselves are just some of the more wellknown behaviors relating to the potential expressions of water . Organic life forms seem to emerge from such dynamics as if they were direct offspring of these watery phenomena , many of which exhibit bodily organs that directly resemble such phenomena . Significant similarities exist , for example , between the ear and the vortex , which just so happens to function as a