NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 83

Sacred Water nam jen

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An Aesthetic Investigation into the Languages of Nature

More than anything else , religious books are books of law . Nature is the most sacred divine publication , and now our very survival depends upon a renewed understanding of its Natural Laws . Centuries ago , the appreciation for water was much more pronounced than it is in modern society . Humans experienced water as suffused and inhabited with divine beings , and it has been met with cultic reverence throughout the ages . Muses regarding water divinities were often given their place right at the beginning of mythological accounts , and it is clear from the nature of their works that thinkers such as da Vinci and Goethe were very much still aware of the spiritual essence of the flowing element . Da Vinci , wellknown to have engaged in systematic water research , had a deep understanding of the miraculous world of water and its tremendous importance in the configuration of all living organisms . Its form rather unspecified , its nature such that it takes the shape of its container , water has poetically been described as the ‘ Sensitive Chaos ’.
Wilhelm Reich “ discovered god ” in the form of a subtle energy that he called “ Orgone ”— an intelligent medium that facilitates the process of life . Curiously , Orgone appears to be in an intimate relationship with water and emanates a blue shine , providing an explanation as to the origin of the Earth ' s blue atmosphere and seas .