NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 68

provides key toolkit resources from its Schools for supporting the creation of NewEarth Communities like Bali Haven . Check out the NEU Library .
Kaleidoscope ’ s special edition for NEU is a series of shows showcasing some fascinating ways that individuals are helping to make NewEarth Communities a practical reality . In divine NewEarth-style , three women and three men were in-sync as the wings of a glorious butterfly — pure colorful symmetry in motion :
Dr . Ann Ralles of Wisconsin , USA spoke of her passion for Agnihotra as a champion of the NewEarth Arks of Fire Initiative aligned with the School of Socio-Economics & Ecology . With pyramid in-hand she enthusiastically explained her love for this ancient practice , now performed daily in Bali under the guidance of Robert Bagnall ( a new NEU faculty member ).
Chiming in from New Zealand our beloved wizard and alternative science legend , Thomas Joseph Brown , presented a fabulous powerpoint representing NEU ’ s School of Science and Design Innovation .
From Goethe to Geomancy he inspired with brilliant acumen , an open heart and a 360-view to all things NEST ( NE Science & Technology ), one of the disciplines of that School .
Sharing experiences as a key leader of the NE Youth Council Initiative , as well as wearing a leadership hat in the School of Consciousness & Spirituality , young-yet-wise Ryan Boyd joined from Canada . His creative skill-sets and unwavering devotion to manifesting a new earth for all sentient beings inspires in multi-faceted ways .
While attending a conference in Portugal , Andrea Lazenby of the UK ( a new faculty member of the School of Consciousness & Spirituality ), merged her mindful positive presence with us . She gave an overview of a unique modality known as Access Consciousness , treating viewers to encouraging tips and transformation techniques .
Lewis Montague , a longtime advocate of scientific research for natural treatments , talked of his primary involvement in NEU ’ s School of Health & Wellness with crosspollination through the School of Natural