NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 67

dr . nancy ash , DD , PhD

newearth university director

The ABCs of Symmetry

Why is it that all children and adults love to look through a kaleidoscope ?
There ’ s something enchanting about it , yes ? The experience tantalizes and teases in glee and wonder . Vibrant colorful forms provide a limitless whimsical show of shifting patterns dancing in harmony and perfect balance , like nature .
It is the symmetry of kaleidoscopic patterns that inherently brings joy and happiness to our heart . This precise divine symmetry of opposing shapes and colors guides us in a shimmering delight to the senses . With the wisdom of symmetry showing us life ( that is revealed throughout nature ), a complex whole-system portrays itself aligned with the highest order of ALL living beings .
This symmetry appeared effortlessly during a taping of one of our shows , Kaleidoscope , NewEarth University ’ s full-spectrum educational and inspirational program on the NewEarth Nation TV Network . Five faculty members gathered with me ( as host ) to tape Part 1 of a series featuring NewEarth University ( NEU ) members . We assembled as a portion of NEU ’ s astonishing brain-trust of wisdom keepers — women and men from around the world at the vanguard of co-creating a better life , which reflects the ABCs of art , beauty , and consciousness . These are change-makers championing planetary unification in their respective areas of expertise , stepping up to share extraordinary gifts & talents .
As the overarching NE Project continues to expand worldwide ( like our Haven in Bali featured in this issue ), many NewEarth University fellows , faculty and staff shall be offering life-changing programs on-site : lectures , workshops , classes , retreats & symposia . NEU ’ s mission is to gather , embody , and share knowledge in service of human and planetary wellbeing and sovereign , creative self-expression .
It ’ s an exciting time to be a part of this hub for trans-cultural exchange for children of all ages . In this vein , the NEU portal already