NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 53

Jules Bright - NewEarth Apothecarian
It appears there is an elixir or tonic for just about every occasion and an array of Sacred Waters to carry us through ~ gently detoxing , refreshing and hydrating our cells , zinging with fresh herbs and fruits from our Akasha garden , wild-crafted in the early morning sun , brimming with life force . For Chocolate lovers , enjoying the power of cacao and all of its unique health benefits as one of our true superpower foods or ‘ Food of the Gods ’, your bases are covered with our Chocolate Rose love Elixir , Peppermint Cacao or Lovers Hot Chocolate . Our crystal-infused elixirs don ’ t shy away from primeval medicines either , with chaga mushrooms , pollen , superfoods , living herbs , green biodynamic algae and living essences that pack a punch ~ getting right to the heart of what ails you , with love . There is also our beautiful collection of naturally fermented , brewed kombucha made here at Akasha , with a myriad of health benefits as your go-to probiotic drink , including improved digestion , liver detox , improved immunity , mood stability and mental clarity and general all round good gut health .
Our food is carefully selected to enhance our health through increasing our cellular resonance , choosing nutrient dense foods , grown with our geomagnetic systems in place and all only from the generational untouched seeds , that carry the original plant medicine ~ untampered with ~ pure . These foods are then prepared in special ways , to elevate the Chi or life-force energy . As we take the first bite , the keys of health begin turning and unlocking potential life force in our bodies ~ it becomes part of us . Very quickly we start to feel different once we step into this kind of relationship with real food ~ the way nature intended .
Here at Akasha , we have chosen specific foods that will improve the genome health profile and assist in transcending physical ,