NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 52

It is hard to choose which panacea will serve us as they all look so enticing , but we make a silent promise to ourselves to eventually try everything on this delightful apothecary menu . The Wildfire Cider looks daring . Our grandparents used this ancient remedy of horseradish , ginger , onion , garlic , jalapeño peppers , lemon , rosemary , turmeric , cayenne , apple cider vinegar and honey to ward off infections as an antibacterial and antiviral go-to tonic . Being a warming digestive & energiser with the added potent antioxidants as a robust immune tonic , could be a great little appetiser before dinner . The Aphrodite ’ s Love Tea would certainly be a cheeky after meal treat with damiana , rose petals , cinnamon , shatavari root , hibiscus and sarsaparilla to really stir the senses !
The Elderberry Fizz is a lovely alternative to wine , refreshing the palate with cracked elderberries , ginger , cinnamon , liquorice , astragalus , chili pepper , raw local honey all fizzing in our own mineral-rich , volcanic sparkling water . The strengthening ‘ Jamu Man ’ and ‘ Jamu Woman ’ tonics are incredible with the infamous local Jamu ‘ Indonesian Love juice ’ plant that has been utilised for over 5000 years in Indonesia , not surprising when one looks at the health benefits : blood cleanser , health tonic and is said to aid in slimming , excellent source of enzymes and curcumin , anti-inflammatory , anti-oxidant , antiseptic , assists in reducing cholesterol … the list goes on and on ~ as the Balinese say , ‘ a glass of Jamu a day , will heal all of your health issues ’ and combined with that Turmeric gold , we ’ ll be invincible ! The Gentian Aperitif as a warming digestive to get the fires going hits the spot , whilst anticipating the delightful meal on its way .
With infusions like Wake Up & Focus Tea , Sweet Earth Chai , Holy Bliss , Nourish Me , Tummy Soothe , Moringa Magic , Powerful Detox , Nectar teas and Hero Personal Blends of exotic and potent herbs , one can see a reason to settle in , take in the surrounds , share ideas and relax with soulful company , inspired by the energy and spirit all around .