NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 51

nated dome villas , glowing below in the rice paddy fields . The fire-flies lighting the trails in the distance , the jungle music of unseen creatures drifting up from the forest that wraps around this harmonious land . Soft ambient music and dreamy lights reflecting off the natural , flowing , shimmering pool ~ all of the elements are alive and humming ; one notices there is something else about this sanctuary - It seems that the often invisible magic that permeates life , is palpable here … and you ’ d be right !
This carefully constructed reality , enhances the environment and food quality . This is where the magic and science meet . The very table tops in the kitchen were made with volcanic dust mixed into the cement , and as it was drying , the mix was charged using an amplifier with positive and negative probes , pulsing with Schumann Frequency ( Mother Earth ’ s natural heartbeat rhythm ~ the 7.83 Hz frequency is an alpha / theta state naturally in tune with the human brain : creative , relaxed , yet dreamy ). When the body tunes into this frequency , like when we are out in nature , we can repair , rejuvenate and heal more efficiently . crystal dust in the mix , which carries this strong energetic charge that has a capability of being programmed with loving intention for more healthy and energized food . This energy continues to ripple out in our own lives , as we truly begin to know the potency of real Seeds to harmonic Tables .
You ’ ll notice a warm invite to the Apothecary to explore and further enhance this journey of the senses . As one approaches the Elixir bar , it is evident that this ancient medicine is in fact , the medicine of the right now and our future . A cornucopia of tonics , elixirs , infusions and medicaments awaits . The aromas of tonics brewing , enchanting essential oils infusing the atmosphere , elixirs gently stirred with life-enhancing qualities , smell pleasurable and medicinal . As we gaze into the many hand-labelled jars of dried herbs , flowers , bark , roots , seeds , syrups , oils and vast array of natural bodycare remedies , salves and ointments , it is reminiscent of being in a bewitching apothecary shop , down a cobblestone alleyway , lost in the past .
The volcanic dust used in this creative model , is made of rocks from Mount Batur in North East Bali , holding this frequency consistently as it resonates into the ingredients and people all around the tables . Our custom made ceramic plates and bowls were baked with this same volcanic dust and amethyst