NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 50

seed to table

On arriving at the gates of Akasha , one just knows there is something special in store and you ’ d be excused for feeling like you ’ ve slipped into another realm .
Beautiful aromas waft through the air , familiar , yet exotic ; vanilla , rose , sandalwood ~ traces of star anise , sweet orange & chocolate . Candlelight flickers , elixirs and tonic brews infusing gently and a delightful array of herbal preparations and bodycare line the shelves of the apothecary as you enter the serene atmosphere , that is Akasha
The journey of seed to table is just as important to us as serving delicious , nourishing , unique cuisine and therapeutic elixirs , tonics , beverages and tasty infusions that honour our mind , body and spirit . It all begins with the sacred seed .
Their full plant wisdom , makes its way undiluted , directly to our table in Akasha Restaurant and Apothecary . Naturally , this is a raw food chef ’ s dream ; working with biodynamic , life-enhancing nutritional , organic plant foods ; tenderly creating masterpieces to bring to the table . We are blessed to have Wayan Rina as our head chef . She is a master in living food alchemy , creating a fusion of colours , flavours , textures & tastes that set the senses alight , in these artful & thoughtfully considered dishes , inspired with love .
As you are guided to your table , one takes in the beauty and serenity of this haven . The dream-catchers softly caressing the breeze , the sacred architecture of the Akasha restaurant arching around you in an energised , yet soft embrace , looking out onto the illumi-