NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 39

We now also know that negentropic systems and technologies reduce radiation . For example , certain cultures of micro-organisms have been shown to reduce radiation in the body ~ Miso as a living food , is one such example . Likewise the Agnihotra ceremony ~ an ancient Vedic technology ( which is itself a negentropic phase conjugate wave generator ) ~ has also been shown to reduce radiation across large areas ( up to 1km in diameter ).
One of the first people to discover that life force energy reduces radiation was Wilhelm Reich . He once conducted an experiment called “ the Oranur Experiment ” where he concluded that “ Orgone energy and Nuclear Radiation energy are antagonistic ”
Most of our current technologies , and the ways in which we produce energy , are entropic in nature ~ we break things down and try to harvest the energy which is emitted . We have however always had the technology to produce energy in a far more sustainable and holistic form than the technology we know today ~ such technologies do not operate in isolation , they are open systems interacting with the surrounding and also our own consciousness . They were widely used by the ancients and our cosmic ancestors , and are now beginning to reemerge as the planetary level of human consciousness shift to a level which is receptive to their function .
There are endless examples of negentropic field generators and processes for creating negentropic fields that are already widely used in the world today … Scalar electromagnetic is a field of scientific endeavor which is widely used ( amongst other things ) in the field of Radionics , with popular applications emerging in healing therapy and agriculture . Radionics devices are having tremendous success around the world reversing disease and ailments of all kinds ~ essentially they operate returning the living organisms to their natural healthy state , through the exposure to longitudinal ( scalar ) waves .
The Agnihotra fire ceremony is another such example . This ancient Vedic ritual utilizes the energy produced by Phase Conjugation ( scalar effect ) of the earth ’ s and sun ’ s magnetic fields , which occurs twice daily at the precise moment of the sunrise and sunset . The ceremony can produce profound effects in the surrounding environment ~ accelerating growth and fruitfulness of flora & fauna and reducing pollution & radiation in an unprecedented fashion . The scientific case for the efficacy of the Agnihotra ceremony has been carefully documented and collected by the Homa Therapy International network and is also thoroughly explored by NewEarth University ' s School of Socio-Economics & Ecology faculty member , Robert Bagnall ( in his book “ ancient solution for modern pollution ”) and Dan Winter ( in his book “ Kundalini and Agni Hotra Physics ”).