NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 38

extraordinary structural efficiency and energetic inclusiveness of the natural world .
Computational dynamics can be used to create environmental models , that can serve to understand and facilitate the information necessary to generate more efficient and integrative systems , that can provide a more harmonic interaction with our environment .
Negentropic field generators INSIGHT ~ integrating ancient and modern negentropic fractal technologies into the design of man-made spaces can enhance the life-affirming effects generated by NewEarth design principles .
Entropy is a state that is often erroneously only referred to as the ‘ state of disorder ’ of a system . Entropy is simply the measure of how much the energy of atoms and molecules become more spread out in a process . Fire , for example , reduces complex , organized , organic molecules into their basic elements , emitting radiant energy . Likewise nuclear energy is a process where by breaking up the atom , an immense amount of energy is generated .
Negentropy exists where there is implosion ~ it is life force , gravity , love … These are the selforganizing forces that allow systems to enter in greater level of organization , coherence and complexity . For example : a plant may use air , earth , water , fire ( light ), and through the “ aether ,” generate form ( aetheric formative force by Rudolf Steiner or mophogenetic fields theory ), thereby creating the highly organized fractal coherent system , that is a plant .
We can define a “ negentropic field generator ” as a system or technology that produces a field effect that will generate , coherence , fractality , self-organization , implosion , love and harmony , and therefore enhancing life itself .
Negentropic field generators can be seen as a feminine forms of technology that use implosion / life-force / scalar vs explosion / radiation / electricity .
These processes have a particular function in nature and the universe . They are used , for example , in the process of digestion , to obtain energy and basic elements through the “ fire ” of digestion . These are destructive , radiant , explosive , fractionating processes , however for the dance of creation to sustain itself , it requires the equal and opposite force ~ Negentropy .