NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 37

element ~ fire / light geometry ~ tetrahedron
elements ~ natural light , full spectrum electric light creative impetus ~ computational dynamic , negentropic field generators
maintenance ~ technology , sciences , engineering
Natural light The presence ( and absence ) of natural light is responsible for generating the sleep / wake cycle . The degree to which we synchronize with this natural cycle can affect the efficiency of our digestive systems , the stimulation of Vitamin D production , and influences our emotional state , and other body / mind processes .
The effects of light upon the human body depend upon the light ’ s wavelength , intensity , and time of exposure . Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors ~ often in excess of ninety percent . As a result we are invariably exposed to unnatural forms of light which our bodies did not evolve to deal with . The effect becomes much worse if the exposure to artificial light continues at night time , as this disrupts the circadian rhythm and prevents the body from producing much needed chemicals during the sleep cycle .
It has long been known in the Vedic culture , and practiced by yogis themselves , that light can become our exclusive source of food / energy . Such an insight speaks clearly to the importance of our connection to this element , and to the sun itself , at the energetic level .
Translating this into the practical conversation of architecture , we need fully consider these principles at the outset of the design phase , ensuring that ideal levels of natural light are realized in the completed space . This may be as simple as providing adequate windows or skylights , etc ., which allow natural light to penetrate into the interior space , or may require the specification of electric light systems which include filters that eliminate the blue component ( which is the principal component responsible for disruption of the Circadian Cycle ). Such systems become considerably more important to maintaining health living conditions in the more extreme latitudes where natural light can be minimized for months at a time .
Computational dynamics INSIGHT ~ advances in digital processing allow for a vastly greater number of naturally coherent design possibilities to be explored , searching for a integrating principle in between technology and nature .
Generative or Parametric Design is a morphogenetic process using algorithms structured as non-linear systems for endless unique and un-repeatable results performed by an idea-code , as it is produce in natural world . With the use of digital engineering we can bring computational energy into creative exploration , empowering human designers to explore a vastly greater number of design possibilities within modifiable constraints .
Regenerative design also looks at the fractal generative design codes of nature , and therefore uses the same bio-energetic and bio-resonant language , that reflects the