NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 35

full of metal and non-fractal material , create a fractionating electric field , which eventually destroys the germinating seed , the human immune system and human bliss .”
Dan Winter ~ www . goldenmean . info
Geomancy INSIGHT – architecture will only integrate energetically with its surrounding environment when it accounts for the subtle energies emitting from the earth ’ s energy grids .
Geomancy literally means , “ Divining the Earth .” It is the art of harmonising with the subtle earth energies that flow throughout the landscape . The naturally occurring energy grids of our sentient earth are effected by many influences : electricity , magnetism , the time ; day or night , light , color , heat , sound , matter , and consciousness . The planetary energy grid operates through certain geometrical patterns . The grids meet at various intersecting points forming a kind of matrix . They are called Ley lines or also known in ancient traditions as ‘ song lines ’ or ‘ dreaming track .’ This energetic grid and the intersecting nodes are equivalent to the Meridians and acupressure points on our bodies . Performing similar function as energy channels , these grid points are generally found at the strongest power places on the planet .
The development of man-made environments that do not work with the subtle energies of the earth will never reach their full potential as sustainable life-enhancing environments . Geomancy is therefore a fundamental design principle in a newearth ~ the conscious application of this principle in the creation of communities and human settlements
can repair the damage that our exiting civilization has created , with and in this energetic network and the effect that it has in the collective consciousness .
element ~ air geometry ~ octahedron
elements ~ passive systems of ventilation , air quality creative impetus ~ systems integration , interior space
maintenance ~ information , education , media
Passive systems of ventilation , air quality Air quality and the presence of negative ions is crucial for health and well being , and is thus one of the most important features of a healthy environment .
Science has now demonstrated how health and longevity are drastically enhanced by the energetics and quality of air .
Stationary adults typically inhale 6 to 10 liters of air every minute entering into each one of our cells . The components of this air are absorbed by and become our body , serving