NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 34

The majority of the population today has a so-called “ electron deficiency ” which reduces the biological organism in to an unnatural and unbalanced electrical state . The planet is charged with a negative electric potential that is vital for our health and well-being producing anti-inflammatory effects and increasing blood flow along with many other demonstrated healing properties . Direct contact with the ground allows electrons to be absorbed by the body , and is also the most efficient way to protect against electromagnetic pollution , electro-smog , or so-called dirty electricity . Unnatural frequencies and charges emitting from electronic devices ( and the electrical grid itself ) can be quickly and easily channelled to the earth , releasing the body from the build-up of these charges .
Earth connection plugs are part of the installations of the interior of newearth domes , allowing the connection of grounding devices for bed , chairs and mats .
Fractal materials INSIGHT – living fractal materials enhance life , non-fractal materials deplete life .
This natural phenomena is cultivated by earthing systems used in newearth architecture , composed of copper rods that connect into the ground , and draw this energy . A cable delivers the earth energy through a copper geometrical grid installed in the floor . Occupants of the spaces receive the amplified benefits of the negative charge emitted from the earth via the grid .
" Materials whose electric field is fractal or phase conjugating ( usually because they have been electrically part of some real biology ) creates a field which allows the distribution of charge to be efficient . This is why the use of biological materials enhances seed germination . However squarish buildings ,