NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 33

has generated a high coherence of self organizing biological systems that thrive in perfect harmony and equilibrium .
Biomimicry is the art of discovering the nature of the processes which have driven this remarkable feat , and employing them to create fully-integrated man made environments , including all aspects of buildings and infrastructure . The outcome is aesthetically pleasing , life affirming and supportive of those living in and amongst the dwellings , as well as being harmonious with the natural landscape . Each individual building , and the formation of the cluster of buildings , imitates in different ways the innate beauty and efficiency of natural forms . self-harmonizing with the whole surrounding environment in a constant and ever evolving process .
A regenerative design approach can also be significantly enhanced by the use of implosive technologies based on magnetism and life force or scalar energy . Such technologies , widely used by the ancients , are essentially the fields created by what we call sacred space . They generate quantifiable field effects capable of enhancing growth , regenerating biomass , and restoring environmental equilibrium . Negentropic field generators , certain Orgone technologies , and certain combinations of bio-architectural principles , are all examples of implosive technologies .
Regenerative design INSIGHT ~ everything has a purpose and nothing should be considered as existing outside of the All .
Regenerative design involves reintegrating established man-made environments and living systems into their surrounding natural ecosystems ; revivifying those ecosystems through regenerative principles .
Regenerative design requires that we shift our perspective ~ what would once have been considered waste must be viewed as a resource . What would once have been viewed as an isolated construction , requiring continual symbiosis with nature , to establish and maintain its existence , must be viewed as an integrated part of one living system . The conscious applications of these principles , support the developing of conscious environments capable of self-sustaining and element ~ earth geometry ~ cube elements ~ grounding
creative impetus ~ fractal materials , geomancy
maintenance ~ permaculture , ecology
Grounding Grounding , or earthing , systems are concerned with balancing the electrical fields of our bodies , thus improving our health , by increasing the quality and quantity of our physical connection to the earth ( or limiting our disconnection ).
The earth is charged with a negative electrical potential that is vital for our health and wellbeing . Connection with the earth has been shown to produce anti-inflammatory effects , increased blood flow and a great many other demonstrable health benefits .