NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 32

element ~ water geometry ~ icosahedron
elements ~ restructurization of water bodies creative impetus ~ biomimicry , regenerative design
maintenance ~ healing , wellness , birth
Restructurization of water bodies It is well documented that the presence of water bodies has a beneficial effect upon health and wellbeing . It is said in the art of Feng Shui that water attracts chi … it is also known that places where water flows have higher concentrations of negative ions which exhibit healing and consciousness enhancing proprieties . These properties can be amplified by the use of restructurized water systems , which generate highly charged water , the presence of which , in turn , energizes the environment in which the water is located .
The same systems can be used to produce water for drinking and filter into an ocean of other applications ~ drinking such water improves the internal health of our bodies . Bathing in it will magnify the restorative properties it instills by saturating the largest organ on the body , the skin , via absorption . When used for agriculture , studies have shown structured and spring water to enhance the size , quality and nutritional content of the food we eat ~ in short , it is extremely beneficial for all biological life .
When we consume water which is in a monatomic state , the structure of the clusters of water are in highly ordered state , this decreases surface tension making the water more hydrophilic ( absorbable by the body ). Restructurized water also binds more oxygen and imparts a negative charge known as zeta potential , which when consumed increases blood fluidity . Similar beneficial effects are observed in plant life .
Water must be considered as a key factor in the creation of bio-resonant spaces and environments .
Visit the Water Academy for more info . www . newearth . institute / academies / academy-of-water / seeds germinated with not treated water seeds germinated from restructured water
Biomimicry INSIGHT ~ by imitating natural processes and forms , one may create man-made environments which co-exist harmoniously with their surrounding environment .
Over the last 3.6 billion years , nature has gone through a evolutionary process that