NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 31

to bio-architecture

air fire
When these principles are used to inspire human creativity , a resonance is established within this field that generates consciousness , life , coherence , equilibrium and harmony .
When these principles are applied diligently to the creative pursuit of architecture , a tangible effect is observed that supports the buildings inhabitants in directly experiencing these benefits .
Shape-energy INSIGHT ~ every shape has a particular quality of energy . When we understand the energy qualities of shapes , we hold the key to creating bio-resonant spaces that energetically support human biology and the planetary biosphere .
One of the studies of shape-energy is otherwise known as the science of bio-geometry … the tangible effects of the principles of biogeometry were demonstrated by Ibrahim Karim , who defines thusly :
Dan A . Davidson , whose findings have shown that shape is able to generate a magnetic and electrical field .
The essence of how geometric patterns can influence energy flows is not a new concept in the context of the modern age ~ the myriad of man-made antennas which cover planet earth , likewise capitalize on the properties of geometric shapes , using the phenomena of resonance , in order to transfer signals ( energy ) to your computer or mobile phone .
Since everything in creation interacts by resonating frequencies that establish an information and energy transfer between two or more resonant bodies , a full understanding of how shape and energy correlate and interact is a powerful knowledge ~ one which allows us to engineer the ether and generate the subtle energy landscape of our environments ~ to create our world in our image . shape = energy = function
This ancient science , which has its roots in ancient Egypt , looks at the whole spectrum of energy , including subtle energies which have been shown to be created by , and interact with , shape itself . This phenomena has also been widely investigated by