NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 30

the 5 element theory applied

ether water earth

NewEarth University ' s Design & Development discipline espouses a new metric for the creation of man-made spaces :
• Employs the New Earth Blueprint ’ s five element view which connects the platonic solids with the five elements and the principles they each represent .
• Utilizes these principles to redefine architectural process , thereby facilitating the creation of man-made environments which harmonize with the natural world .
• Mirrors the fractal processes employed throughout the entire universe to create and sustain all life , so that our man-made spaces themselves become biological capacitors that support growth , enhance consciousness , and accelerate the evolutionary process .
There are three fundamental inputs to the realization of this metric :
elements Present everywhere , the building blocks of life creative impetus The wise application of enlightened design principles maintenance The embodiment of the core principles of the other aspects of human life
( such as those enunciated by the other faculties of the newearth university ) element ~ ether geometry ~ dodecahedron
elements ~ life force , field effect , capacitance of the structure creative impetus ~ sacred geometry , shape-energy
maintenance ~ consciousness , art , spirituality
Life force : field effect , capacitance of the structure “ If life force equals the ability to attract and self-organize capacitive charge ~ It now becomes possible to outline the function of architecture . One reason architecture should look like biology is that biological structures have discovered thru evolution the materials and shapes which allow the electrical fields we call life to converge into self-organization and self-awareness ”.
Dan Winter ~ www . goldenmean . info
Sacred geometry INSIGHT ~ when architecture is inspired by the language of sacred geometry , coherence , equilibrium , and harmony are realized .
‘ Sacred geometry ’ is the primordial language of creation ; the geometry of light ~ energyinformation codes that underpin the reality matrix and give birth to all forms of life that emerge from this self organizing force .