NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 3

f o r e w o r d The NewEarth continues to grow as simple testament to the emergent visioneering of our collective human heart. We are delighted to have launched the haven in Bali as a beacon to promote the ideals and orientation of our dynamic movement for manifesting change in our times. Transitioning our world from a paradigm driven by fear, time, and money, toward one which pursues the elevation of art, beauty, and consciousness, is the theme of our debut NewEarth festival (5~9 April). NewEarth is where living men and women take back a fragile planet and common dignity from the tired and bloodied hands of his-story. It is the place where we begin to fashion this world according to our highest intentions, our creative expression, and our fearless pursuit of bliss. It is also a place where we stop seeking permission, from rogue authorities, private corporations masquerading as governments, and institutions which seek to perpetuate their own fictions by harvesting our innocence, our time, and our energy. As we refine our highest intentions and steady our quickening hearts for whatever lies ahead, we would do well to remember that anything ‘ahead’ can only be undertaken in pure-truth where we engage dynamic action in the living present. This is our time - our space - our pursuit of the ‘other.’ Vox Populei - Vox Dei Sacha Stone Founder: NewEarth Project