NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 29

Regenerative Model
In this model we maximize the effect shape / energy and geometry have on the regenerative process , allowing this energetic tool to support and activate life force within an environment that in some cases has been destroyed by a non-natural processes . This type of geometric configuration can be used in a scenario where the land has been cleared of tress and other species . In such circumstances we convey the use of this form of layout , which serves a double function ; not just the creation of a community , but also a holistic system that will have a regenerative effect within the particular location , calling life force back , inducing rain fall , inviting animal species and plant life , which will reemerge and restore to its ulterior state .
There are many tools that can be used to recreate these effects . One of them is shown here is the layout of sacred mandala geometry , which has been demonstrated with the use of an implosive fractal geometry such as the Sri Yantra . It was constructed with paramagnetic stone in the desert of Oregon by Mickey Basin , which was consequently replicated by Dan Winter to the same effect . The conjugation of this with other implosive technologies such as Agnihotra or negentropic field generators , etc ., can initiate an potent regenerative process that will not just serve the inhabitants of the settlement , it also dramatically affects the regeneration of the surrounding areas .
Both models cross-over as the integrative model has a regenerative effect and the regenerative model is realized in a integrative manner .