NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 28

Integrative Model :
This concept is firmly grounded upon the principles of bio-architecture and permaculture .
Both systems are key for the integration of building an environment in a living ecosystem . This development model is essentially emulating the way in which a tree will dig its roots into the solid earth while reaching it ’ s branches up into the sky . This extension demonstrates the perfect distribution of energy to maximize the space and the ideal exposure to light , also call phyllotaxy .
We utilize this natural principle to configure the distribution of structures into disrupted ecosystems in order to reduce environmental impact . In the image shown here , we illustrate a model that could be beneficially applied in a number of different cases . That being said , there will also be some instances where this same type of geometrical configuration will grow organically , depending on location and topography . This will interweave into its environment with grace and ease , always taking the path of least resistance .