NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 27

“ redefining design & development practices to serve and enhance the human and planetary ecology .”

juan schlosser

newearth university chief bio-architect designer

Statement of Purpose
The man-made spaces which have come to be indicative of human society no longer serve us . We are slowly beginning to see that it is only through the sensitive integration of man-made environments with their natural surroundings that a more balanced and harmonious existence can be realized ; that when a man-made environment is designed from an understanding and realization of the intrinsic energetic aspect that exist throughout all nature , we will naturally re-enter into a symbiotic relationship with the environment , becoming the pinnacle of architectural expression .
Our purpose in NEU ' s discipline of Design & Development within the School of Science & Design Innovation is simply to explore the conscious application of the science of sacred space ~ allowing us to re-define the ways in which we create and relate to the environments we inhabit .
The honouring of natural order throughout our conscious design philosophy during the creative process has produced enhanced structures and developments aligned to the sacred design of life and biological forms . Bio-Architecture encourages and supports the physical form to return to its natural , vibrant state .
New Earth design principles are based on the uncompromising and aesthetically perfect geometry of nature . Structures are designed and developments laid out using the same organizing principles used by the natural world at the atomic , cellular , and molecular levels … in the creation of all living things .
Introducing the concepts of regenerative and integrative models in architectural development .
These principles are key to the establishment of a thriving relationship between nature and man . Both systems can be use in particular scenarios , but both premises are use in every case , in different degrees respectably , resulting ultimately in the creation of systems that , as it ' s two components define : integrate and regenerate : create a thriving and sustainable human settlement .