NEO Magazine Issue 4 - Page 13

may health be upon you

Modern day architecture , masked by an illusion of human progress , has long since lost its sense of service to the evolution of optimal health . There is a quickening in our comprehension that it is only through mimicking biological design and integration of nature inspired environments with natural surroundings , that a more balanced , grounded and harmonious existence can be realized .
As a pinnacle of innovative architectural expression , when human-made settings are designed from a core understanding and realization of the intrinsic energetic aspect , existing throughout all of nature , then ~ and only then ~ will we enter a symbiotic relationship with the environment . At newearth haven , Bali , our team of bio architects and designers have been actively researching , exploring and designing conscious applications of the science of bio resonant spaces ~ allowing us to define
Brian Kelly director : newearth haven , Bali
new and innovative ways in which we create and relate to the environments which we inhabit .
Bio architecture domes & eco cocoons ~ a manifestation of art , beauty & consciousness at newearth haven , Bali .
Come and be a part of the magic .