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nize it to be the principle according to which matter organizes itself into living form , can we begin to understand how deeply values are intertwined with life itself ; a subject that has extensively been covered by “ the philosopher of life ” Hans Jonas . Along these lines , it is still up to future research to explore the natural roots of sovereignty from within the context of the Natural Kingdom .
The universe is governed by laws , but these laws are of a different kind than the sorts of “ immutable ”, “ fixed ” laws with which we may be familiar , and differ in terms of the sense in which the word is traditionally understood . They are laws that leave infinite room for creativity within certain general parameters . A few fundamental principles exist to establish the parameters , but the Law governs much more loosely than previously thought . Self-organization is the rule , not the exception . Or as Paul Davis writes : “ There is no detailed blueprint , only a set of laws with an inbuilt facility for making interesting things happen . The universe is free to create itself as it goes along . The general pattern of development is ‘ predestined ’, but the details are not .”
There is great beauty inherent to the idea of chance , which ensures that new and unpredictable relationships can be created . We have an intelligent Universe , in which new and evolving forms may be found to thrive even in the midst of apparent chaos , in which the process of negentropy leads to higher orders of intricacy and complexity that arise from decaying forms . It is a common principle of Natural Law that simple organic and crystal-individuals combine in multitudes to constitute new entities on a higher , more complex , more orderly level . All manifest forms adhere to set general patterns within both the microcosmic and macrocosmic realms , expressions of the inherent formative impulse . Meditating upon the above , we are curiously awaiting the beauty and grace our NewEarth will bear for the world with its seeds of love , truth , consciousness , unity , and selfdetermination cultivated at its very heart .

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