NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 91

NEW EARTH NATION CALL-TO-ACTION! The New Earth Trust is looking for smart, capable, committed, self-directing, self-motivating people to join us in manifesting New Earth projects and initiatives. We need support in IT, media, communications, and a variety of other departments. Whatever your background, if you have a minimum of 15-20 hours/week to contribute, please send a resume and/or overview of who you are, your passions and skills and join one of the most progressive teams on earth.... We are pioneers in planet-wide conscious self-governance.....and welcome ALL resonant hearts and minds to our historic undertaking in service to sovereign people and a living planet. please contact: WE NEED.... volunteers to join our dynamic team: project managers director of NEN fellowship program deputy director of communications conservation & ecology faculty Specialist knowledge or experience is not essential but would be appreciated. All that is required is a deep desire to connect with nature on all levels and the ability to work with our team to enable initiatives to better conserve the ecology of our planet. If this is you, please send your CV and an outline of your interest to: