NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 85

complementary. Indeed, those findings not only illuminate a vision of human destiny and fullness that not only none of them could see on their own, but that actually has never been seen before. the conscious face of the cosmic evolutionary life-force. In different ways, both have become energised and active in the world, sincere, courageous and empowered by the righteousness of a noble heart. Crucial to recognise here is that each of these different lineages, traditions or disciplines has something deeply important to offer to what it means to be an awake, integrated, and cosmically participating human being. But normally, each will only focus on either radical awakening or evolutionary awakening, will have a particular preference for one of the three perspectives, and as far as the stages of development are concerned, some paths go further than others. Now, at this crucial point in history, what is needed is the holistic synthesis of these paths in the growing community of awakening humanity, to support the emergence of the New Earth. Only then can we begin to stabilise those new stages of growth that can bring the necessary degrees of care, love, and compassionate transformation into the world that are required. To support this unfolding of what it means for human beings to increasingly stand awake, integrated, and as participants in In the New Earth we recognise that it is cru- cosmic evolution, the Consciousness and cial for human beings to engage the most Spirituality Faculty of the New Earth shares holistic approach to their awakening and its vision of a universal spirituality. We growth as possible, and so we encourage hope that in this ever-present field of natueach pathway to provide the most holistic ral freedom and empowered fullness, you vehicle as possible. will find your place, and stand with us as we watch the twilight of a passing night Traditionally, those who have radically turn into a new planetary dawn. awakened to Source have recognised the infinite freedom that is always already their true nature. And those who have evolutionarily awakened, from body to emotion to mind to soul to indestructible essence as End of Article they express through self, relationship, and nature, have come to know themselves as volunteer or support the new earth oracle and To volunteer into the New Earth Institute Consciousness & Spirituality Faculty please email: