NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 84

The importance of radical awakening is the recognition of the ultimate nature of our being and to know Reality as it truly is. Traditionally, those who have awakened to Reality have recognised the infinite freedom and unconditional perfection that is always already the case. Then, from the love that naturally arises from this realisation, have then looked to share it with others. the infinite freedom and perfection of Reality that can serve as the foundation for our way of being in the world. And in the same way, a spiritual path that does not include evolutionary awakening will never be able to provide Reality with clean and clear vehicles through which its Awake Radiance can shine more and more powerfully. Bringing the Pieces of the Puzzle Together The importance of evolutionary awakening is to awaken as the vibrant, living, creative Life-force of the cosmos, and for us to cocreate the new expressions of culture and civilisation from there. An example of this is the New Earth. If we truly feel called to support the full blossoming of our human nature into radical awakening and the evolutionary unfolding of our multidimensional potential, it is crucial that we come to understand how the findings of all of the domains of As our unfoldment along these two lines of human wisdom (the spiritual traditions, growth proceeds, we are able to grow into western psychology, science, etc.) can be our fullest expressions of light on Earth, integrated so that each of their findings are and eventually, to provide the Infinite Radi- included in their right place. ant Consciousness with the most mature, clean, unconditionally loving and clear When we come to understand this integravehicles for its intelligence to express. This tion, we can see that each has been lookpath of growth is essential if we are truly ing at just one piece of the puzzle of what serious about serving the revelation and awakened, mature, loving, and authentic evolution of Light, Love, and Life on Earth. human functioning means. We can then A spiritual path that doesn’t include radical see that rather than being oppositional awakening will never be fully in touch with to each other, their findings are actually