NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 83

all fit together, we need to take an integrative approach, and when we do so, one of the first things we can see is that human growth unfolds along two primary lines. The first of these lines we could call radical awakening. Radical awakening is awakening to Source – the Infinite Radiant Consciousness that is Reality. This is our True Self, and as the mystics of all time have attested, is always already the SourceMatrix of Reality. It is pure, pristine, Total Presence, all penetrating, all enfolding, and all creative. This is the awakening that has been cultivated in Vajrayana Buddhism, Vedanta, Zen, Sufism, Mystical Christianity, Kabala, and Kashmir Shaivism, for instance. Like a mirror reflecting an infinite number of things whilst remaining unchanged, Consciousness is arising in unconditional perfection as the entire cosmos, as every nebula and star formation, ever supernova and galaxy, every expression of joy and pain, laughter and heartbreak, whilst remaining totally unchanged. It is a radiant, indivisible Awareness that is characterised by undivided freedom, love and pure tenderness. Within the New Earth, we recognise this as the basis of every being’s true nature, of what it means to awaken to true sovereignty, and as every human being’s birthright. The second of these lines we could call evolutionary awakening. Evolutionary awakening is awakening to and as the evolutionary Life-force of the cosmos on deeper and deeper levels. In this connection, the Life expresses as the evolutionary pulse that comes to know itself through our relative, multid imensional selves, from physical body to emotions to mind to soul to indestructible essence. Pathways and disciplines that have cultivated wisdom on evolutionary awakening include Sri Aurobindo’s teaching, Theosophy, Western psychology, and some New Age and shamanic paths, for instance (though each of these in different ways). In evolutionary awakening, the different levels of our being are brought into deeper and fuller integration as conscious expressions of Reality’s cosmic evolutionary Life-force and its dynamic expression of pure creative purpose.