NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 82

the full dignity of our being. Instead, they remained guarded in the esoteric lineages, movements and traditions, waiting for humanity to be ready to receive it as one family. As this occurred, the outer, exoteric structures of organised religion grew around these seeds of esoteric wisdom, and because of humanity’s stage of evolutionary development not having yet moved into a world-centric honouring of all human beings, began to define those seeds in a way that was specific to a particular culture, tribe, or nation. This enclosure of the sacred in ethnocentric and often pathological expressions of religion around the globe is one of the single greatest contributing factors to conflict, war, and suffering, today. Increasingly though, things are starting to change. As the grace of technology and the ever increasing world-centric phases of collective growth permit us to see that we have always been a single human family, all the wisdom that has been cultivated in the diverse lineages and pathways of planet Earth is flowing back into humanity as a whole. There, in the heart of every human being whose soul is vibrating at the frequency of the New Earth, the unconditional freedom of Reality and our dynamic connection with the creative evolutionary impulse are being remembered. As one humanity, we are waking up to know that these are the unconditional birthright of all, beyond any and all ethnocentric boundaries or dogmas. As such, we are starting to recognise that each of the Earth’s wisdom lineages represents a stream of a continuous and universal spiritual process – a universal spirituality. This universal spirituality is the collective inheritance of wisdom from all traditions and pathways throughout the entire arc of human history. And as we shift our focus from the life story of any one particular founder of a spiritual tradition to the majestic dignity of what a human being truly is, this universal approach is increasingly becoming informed by such fields as psychology, cosmogony, healing and wellness, neuroscience, and others, which tell us about what it means to be fully human. All of the wisdom cultivated by these different communities can now begin to be shared at the communion table of an emergent universal spirituality. All of it, when seen as a single body of wisdom and love, can point to what it means for humanity to stand awake, integrated, and globally engaged. All of it can rest on the recognition that there is really only one humanity, one tradition that is our collective awakening, and one Infinite Radiant Consciousness that is Reality. The Birth of a Universal Spirituality The central question at the heart of a universal spirituality is: what does it look like for humanity to stand awake, integrated, and cosmically participating on Earth today? Powerful and extraordinary contributions to answering this question are in abundance on Earth, coming from the mystical core of the spiritual traditions, from the fields of psychology and psychotherapy, from the sciences, cosmogony, evolutionary studies, and multiple other domains. In order to be able to understand how they