NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 81

there came the sufficient diversification of elements for the formation of planets, such as Earth, where the suitable conditions for the emergence and evolution of biological life, exist. gate the current crisis, and to empower the emergence of a universal humanity, we in the Consciousness and Spirituality Faculty of the New Earth Institute recognise that the emergence of a universal spirituality is key. This would be a movement in which Humanity stands today as the self-conevery human being has the opportunity to scious face of this 13.7 billion year process know their true nature as pure Consciousof cosmic evolution. And we do so at a ness, and simultaneously as its creative time of great planetary tension. The current impulse of pure and noble purpose. paradigm, rooted in the dominant ethnocentric and individualistic worldviews, has Our Collective History led our planet to a crisis point of greater scale than we have ever before faced. Throughout the ages, the wondrous truth Now, as we reconcile ourselves to such of the true nature of our being, and indeed immanent possibilities as runaway climate the whole cosmos, as one Infinite Radichange, a potential global water crisis, and ant Consciousness, has been held and the global energy crisis (the possibility of guarded safely in the esoteric heart of the peak oil, for instance), we together stand wisdom traditions of Earth. And outside before a predicament so large that the cur- of these traditions, it has been kept alive rent approach, rooted as it is in separation, in the hearts of those individuals who, personal ego and survival fears, does not through their unwavering commitment to have the answer. this ultimate truth above all else, have been graced with the realisation of the Never before has our collective fate been sublime reality that is our true nature. so intimately interwoven with each other. We stand today before an initiatory burnThese esoteric, mystical lineages emerged ing ground of such magnitude that it must to house and incubate the seeds of divine necessarily call forth from humanity a revelation that dropped into the minds whole new form of engagement with itself, of human beings of all cultures over the and the Earth. What is called for now is an course of our history. Examples of these entirely new form of culture and society in range from Vajrayana Buddhism, Vedanta, which we recognise ourselves as the One Zen, Mystical Christianity, Kabala, Sufism, Reality of Consciousness incarnate; one in Kashmir Shaivism, and Indigenous Shamanwhich we own the opportunity available to ism, among others. For so long though, us to heal, righten and bring coherence to owing to humanity’s collective level of our planet through the lessons the crisis is development not being ready to receive it, teaching us. Now, we are called to restore the fruit of these seeds of the sacred could the Earth, free the people, and together, not flow out into humanity as a whole so begin to unfold our cosmic potential. as to be honoured or adapted according In order best support humanity to navito whether they truly reflect reality, and