NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 78

us are trying to do the impossible. Holding on to an old age and old ways is like trying to stop spring and summer from coming. It’s impossible! The tides have turned! Full speed ahead now! As we awaken… we see that many story’s “TOLD” were in fact the greatest story’s (lies) ever “SOLD”. to shine a light on many things in a BIG way! It was also a good way to get dark ones on their toes again because of a warning the banksters/lawyers story I did a few years back! It was a delightful sight to see. I just needed to give them some rope! But…..That’s another story! ;) I believe in truth, peaceful non-compliance, CONCLUSION non-violence and a forgiving moral. It is and was easy for me to forgive them Even though I was in prison… the prison because they are lost Souls; they are filled was not inside of me. I had a great time with fear, under a lot of pressure, stress, in their motivating and teaching the other regrets and have many wounds to heal prisoners and prison guards many truths like the rest of society oppressed by this about government, religion, money and system. How can you do good when you the judicial/law enforcement “system” and don’t even feel good yourself? I prefer more. I played guitar and sang for my to hopefully educate, forgive and guide/ brothers in the recreational room, I taught show them to a new way! Instead of fightyoga & meditation, wrote lyrics, read good ing them, I prefer to put them on Notice books and held one on one consultations and I served them stand down/ cease and at my prison cell door for my brothers and desist orders, we’ll forgive you and save guards in need! It was a great opportunity face documents…… or continue to serve