NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 77

for the common good of all…. Someone has to beat a new trail and every ground I gain, will have broken trail for those who want to walk the same path. I did it to tell them to join us. I did it because I am not a number, a corporate person, a piece of paper or plastic, chattel and no one owns me. And no one has the lawful right to give me orders unless he/she is ready to do “business” with lawful terms and conditions, full disclosure, consideration, and a lawful agreement between 2 flesh and blood beings. I did it because I was NOT willing to yield an inch of my inalienable God given rights. I was not willing to consent/submit to being enslaved by a fictional authority because I am a spiritual sentient being sovereign soul having human experiences. The only REAL authority I listen to is to the orders of the Divine. I serve the Divine and the people not Banks or fictional corporations. That is it …that is all! My goal was to make sure they know that I do not recognize their fictional Authority! My goal was to put them (the dark ones) on Notice like I did many times before and like many other people are now doing all around the world and tell them to shape up or ship out. Take the red pill or the blue pill. We see the wizard behind the curtain now. I did it to tell them there is no place for their fear based ego driven world in the New Earth heart based world we are building. Where the ego speaks no more….. And all hearts are all heart! END GAME We are seeing “the end of days”. Not the end of the world….But more the end of an old world. It was an age where “they” (ego masculine energy) believed that man/women “must” be “told” what to do by “higher fictional powers” because man/woman is/ was incapable of thinking/feeling for him/ herself and manage his/her own affairs. Those who held tight control over