NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 76

The truth is…… We are Sovereign sentient beings having human experiences and no one or any situation can ever take that away from us. We all have inalienable god given rights endowed to us by our creator. We have the right to abundance, freedom, prosperity, love, dancing, and singing and just plain celebrate life as we please. We must obey the laws of nature (natural law) which is pretty simple and means “All you need is LOVE dododododo” and common law which means what is good for the common good of all, not for the good of a few and of corporate interest. The truth is….I am FREE! I have No bank account, no credit cards, no credit lines, no mortgage, no “licenses”, no car or student ”loans”, no registrations, no income taxes, no “accounting”, no filing papers and counting or reporting numbers for nothing, no power bill, no tv/cable, no water/sewer tax bill, no paying taxes to pay back fictional municipal, provincial/ federal loans that don’t exis